Keeping Confident Throughout the Interview Process

By Emily Louange, US Nanny Association Director of Employment

Even in the best of times, the interviewing process can be quite unnerving. With the recent novel COVID-19 crisis, there are now added layers of interview complexities. The US Nanny Association is here to help you keep your confidence as you navigate through and land a great new job position!

First and foremost, ensure you follow the most up to date recommendations put by the CDC to protect your health and that of the family you are interviewing with until the pandemic resolves. Secondly, prepare yourself by knowing you’ll need to jump through some extra hoops. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, the market is competitive. There are fewer jobs until parents re-enter the workforce and many nannies are looking for work after being let go due to the crisis.

Keeping cool and confident is now more important than ever. We understand this is easier said than done especially if you have to go on interview after interview without a decent offer coming through. Focus on what you can do to improve your interview skills rather things out of your control with the interview do’s and don’t below!

Video Interviews

With current social distancing recommendations, prepare to participate in initial interviews over the phone or video call. If you haven’t participated in a video call or haven’t done so with the app the potential employer suggests, be sure to do a practice run with a friend so you are ready for the live call.


✔ Do- dress for success, maintain good posture and smile as you would in person

✔ Do- test your audio and visual again prior to call

✔ Do- sit in a well lit, quiet uncluttered environment


✘ Don’t- be late

✘ Don’t- sit in front of a window

✘ Don’t- walk around while on the call

In-Person Interview

It goes without saying you should also show up on time and dress for success for the in-person interview, but there are a few other considerations.


✔ Do- show respect for the employer and the opportunity

✔ Do- be prepared to answer standard interview questions

✔ Do- bring copies of your resume and other relevant documents


✘ Don’t- answer phone calls or text messages during the interview

✘ Don’t- lie or misrepresent any information about yourself

✘ Don’t- forget to send a thank you note

Calming Nerves

Know that being nervous is completely natural. Try your best to be present in the moment rather than focusing on a little goof up or getting ahead of yourself.


✔ Do- focus on your strengths and bring positive energy

✔ Do- practice breathing techniques

✔ Do- talk slowly


✘ Don’t- forget to rehearse responses

✘ Don’t- drink too much caffeine that you are jittery for the interview

✘ Don’t- fidget, instead keep your hand on the table or folded

Remember, keep your confidence and increase your chances of success by focusing on what is in your control. We hope these interview do’s and don’ts help! Be sure to check out all our resources in the US Nanny Association Digital Library.

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